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Nutrition: a sustainable affair!

Nutrition: a sustainable affair!

Nov 28, 2023

When we think of nutrition, we think of: healthy, protein, zero-fat, trans-fat, vegan, keto, atkins. How many of us actually use the words: sustainable, honest, clean? Nutrition, along with being healthy, must always be sustainable. There is no relevance to nutrition, if we don’t attain it in a way that it doesn’t remain for our future generations too.

Sustainability, essentially, is the practice of using resources, in a way that they provide for us, as well as replenish themselves for future generations too. In lay man’s language, sustainability is basically ensuring a self-sustaining ecosystem. This is the key to a flourishing food system; not a deteriorating one.

At Gouri’s Goodies, our snack items are hand-made from natural resources. Natural products ensure maximum nutrition because they are least processed, and retain their wholesome flavour as well as their nutrients. For example, our energy bars are made of whole ingredients like sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, flax seeds, palm jaggery, oat bran (not processed), amaranth, organic honey, goan palm jaggery and many other natural ingredients. The concept of whole food is one that is yet to flourish in our country. Less processing, more whole structure helps in retaining the nutrition of the product; a lesser shelf-life, but for a longer life for you.

What we eat on a daily basis is what determines our impact on this planet. What we decide to change on a daily basis, even if it is a small change, it can add up. Sustainability is the need of the hour. And for this reason, we, at Gouri’s Goodies, make it a point to offer honestly, delicious snack items for your mornings, evenings and every other hunger hour!

Here’s a sneak peek into our product line-up:

Energy Bars

Energy bars are a versatile snack, but every provider makes them in a different manner. Some are heavily processed and pumped with nutrients, and some are handcrafted with whole ingredients for a more nutritive experience. Ours, at Gouri’s Goodies, are specially handcrafted with whole ingredients like seeds, dry fruits, natural sweeteners from local markets (organically harvested), grains and millets, among other natural ingredients.

Energy bars provide for a wholesome snack, when the hunger pang strikes. It helps to sustain hunger in time for the main meal of the day, by satiation through a smart, pocket-sized and nutrition packed snack. Our Energy bar line up stands at:

Oat & Almond Energy Bar

Packed with nutrition, indulgent and filled with wholesome goodness, our Oat & Almond Energy Bars are the perfect breakfast companion. Grab one to go for an in-between snack between breakfast and lunch, to get rid of those hunger pangs and keep your day going nutritiously!

Palm Jaggery & Honey Energy Bar

The perfect companion for your post work, during workout, evening snack. Organic himalayan honey and goan palm jaggery fused with whole seeds like sunflower, sesame and flax, mixed with whole oat bran, cornflakes, almonds and butter, this energy bar is the perfect energy refill during your high-intensity workouts!

Dates & Chia Energy Bar

An any-time perfect energy bar filled with the goodness of organic dates, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, black sesame seeds, rice krispies, amaranth; this energy bar is designed to work as the perfect snack before or after your workouts, to refill your energy tanks; making you less ‘seedy’ in the process!

Belgian Milk Chocolate Energy Bar

Relive your childhood days with this energy bar (minus the dentist visits). Our Belgian milk chocolate is a fusion of nutritious milk couverture chocolate and oat, almond, sesame seeds and sunflower seeds.

Belgian Dark Chocolate Energy Bar

A decadent version of the earlier energy bar, our Belgian Dark Chocolate Energy bar is a fusion of dark couverture chocolate with oat, almond, sesame seeds and sunflower seeds. The perfect pre-bedtime dessert to satiate your cravings!

Belgian Dark Chocolate Orange Energy Bar

The ultimate go-to energy bar for a luscious yet citrusy zing to your snack. Our Belgian Dark Chocolate Orange Energy Bar is a sinful, decadent and perfect snack bar for any time of the day!

Energy Balls

Our energy Balls are the perfect pop-in-your mouth snack at any time of the day, whether mid-meal or with a meal. Choose from delectable variants like:

Cinnamon Energy Ball

Spice, Nutrition, and everything nice. Our cinnamon energy balls are the go-getters for your afternoon snack - get some energy, get some fun, and save a ton of time. Just pop one in and head for the next meeting without any energy loss!

Black Pepper Energy Ball

The zing to your regular snack-a-thon for the day; our black pepper energy balls are the perfect escape from boring meals and sweet indulgences. Packed with nutrition, the energy balls are a fusion of dates, Almond, Rice Krispies, Rajgirah Puffs, Green Raisin, White Till, Sunflower Seeds, Watermelon Seed, Black Till, Chia Seeds, Black Pepper, Muskmelon Seeds, and a whole lot of peppery fun!

Plain Energy Ball

Sometimes, a simple snack is all you need, to build your day up. Grab some and head to work, pop one in between meetings for an energy catch-up without compromising on taste and quality!

Coconut Energy Ball

Just the right amount of sweet, is all we are looking for. As we grow, so do our taste buds. Sour candy is not our cup of tea anymore, and sugary candies are thrown out of the window these days. The best way to get in some dessert-like goodness, without compromising on nutrition is by keeping a few coconut energy balls on hand!

Orange Energy Ball

Citrusy punch to your regular snack? Yes please! Our Orange Energy Balls are the perfect way to indulge in some fruity snacking. Good nutrition, excellent taste and a texture to make your souls flutter!

Energy Bites

Much like our energy bars, our energy bites are the perfect way to catch up on the day’s nutrition, one little square at a time! Pocket-sized goodness, for your soul and your belly!

Cereal Mixes

Many people feel like cereal must only be eaten with milk. Why? There are so many variations one can come up with for cereal mixes. For example, I tend to use them as salad toppers, a bhel ingredient (instead of the murmura), as a smoothie topping, a mixer into my fresh juice of the day and this one time, I enjoyed a bowl of sambhar mixed with my Magic Millet & Apricot Cereal (so much better than plain rice!). Here’s a quick recap on our cereal mixes and how you can make the most of them:

Hearty Haldi & Almond Mix

When the world said we need to build our immunity this year, my brain shifted to the thought of creating nutritious immunity for you all. This got me to preparing this delicious, rich, indulgent and immunising mix of organic turmeric, organic honey, almonds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, cinnamon, nutmeg, and many other ingredients; the Hearty Haldi & Almond Mix, a decadently nutritious rescue for your immunity concerns!

How to: begin your day with a few spoonfuls in some warm milk, or freshen your afternoon weaknesses with a few spoons of these mixed in some greek yogurt!

Quinoa Cranberry Crunch

A smart fortification of superfoods like oats, cranberries, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds as well as natural sweeteners like raw cane sugar, lime, orange marmalade made with fresh rind, and almonds, amaranth, vanilla and some fresh rosemary powder, the Quinoa Cranberry Crunch is the perfect rescue for your sweet tooth; with a side of nutrition!

How to: A few spoonfuls with some milk in the morning, or top your fresh salad for some fruity punch!

Mighty Oats Cereal

A wholesome cereal made from jumbo oats, oat bran, cornflakes, raisins, honey, flax seeds and cinnamon, all you need is to have a few spoons at snack time to fortify your health; no additions required. This cereal is the perfect way to catch up on your much-needed nutrients that often get used up during the day! 

How to: Wholesome breakfast with a few spoonfuls of the Mighty Oats Cereal with milk (no sweetening needed, the honey and raisins make up for it, nutritiously!) or as a whole snack during the day at any time! I tend to also mix these up in a smoothie for added crunch and taste! 

Ragi Rhythm Cereal

The newest craze; ragi is a well known grain in southern india and has recently gained fame for being the perfect ingredient for a gluten-free diet meal. This obviously makes this a perfect choice for a gluten free diet apart from being very fortifying with ingredients like Oats, Honey, Dry Dates, Almonds, Flaxseeds, Sesame, Jumbo Oats, Black Raisins, Ragi, Cornflakes and Cinnamon.  

High in protein, this is the perfect way to catch a nutritious breakfast or an evening snack filled with good protein levels!

How to: mix into a mug of milk for a quick breakfast, or use as the main base for your evening bhel!

Rice Power Cereal

My favorite salad topper, but also one of the most exciting cereal mixes in our line-up thanks to its crispiness. Filled with good ingredients like Rice Crispies, Thick Poha, Palm Jaggery, Almonds, Flaxseeds, Green Raisins, Sesame, Sunflower Seeds and Cinnamon, this cereal is the perfect crunchy addition to your bhel, to your salads, or just a few spoons of this whole cereal, and you are good to go for your evening hunger pangs!

How to: Perfect crispy salad topping or just a few spoons in your grab-n-go evening snack bag! 

Happy Millet & Apricot Cereal / Magic Millet & Apricot Cereal

Millets are an ingredient that I have recently connected well with, due to its high protein content as well as being a great replacement for rice in any of my foods. These two cereal mixes, are some of my favorite from the product line, because of their versatility and taste filled with nutritious goodness in the form of ingredients like Amaranth Grain, Palm Jaggery, Thick Poha, Ragi Flakes, Thin Poha, Almonds, Rice Crispies, Apricot, Flaxseeds, Sunflower Seeds, Honey & Chia Seeds!

How to: Mix them in your morning fresh juice glass for a fun taste, or simply pour a few spoonfuls in your bowl of dal or sambhar - the perfect rice replacer. I also recently grinded the mix to act as the base flour for an excellent rosemary cake!

So while you ponder over what you should order next, sustainability should be the number one priority on your mind when it comes to any food purchase or creation. There is no point in living today, if we cannot provide for tomorrow’s generations!

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