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Dive into Gouri's guilt-free goodies - where every bite is a high-five to your taste buds and a victory for your cravings! It's snacking with a side of wholesome delight, making your snack time right.

Nature’s flavour in every bite!

Goodness vibes only!

We craft our snacks using only organic and natural ingredients to ensure a wholesome and delightful experience. Savor the genuine taste of nature in every bite.


dono hai boss!

We didn't want you to compromise, so we combined healthy + tasty, just for you! We're sure you wouldn't regret this decision ;)

  • Welcome to Gouri's Kitchen~
  • Honestly Delicious~

Meet Gouri

The mastermind behind the goodness. Her enthusiasm can light up any room and put a smile on your face. Gouri isn't just the driving force behind Gouri's Goodies; she’s the genius making it all happen.

Her goodies? Well, they're a lot like Gouri herself—packed with goodness! She's on a mission to make us all happier, one guilt-free, yum-packed treat at a time. So, if you're craving something tasty and good for you, Gouri's got you covered! 

Why Gouris?

  • Premium Quality Ingredients
  • Handcrafted in Small Batches
  • Zero Additives or Taste Enhancers

Healthy hai Gouri’s Promise,

Tasty hai god promise!

Don’t believe it? Give it a try!

chocolate minis pack

Gouri’s Starter Pack

If you're new here, our starter pack is made just for you! Packed with a delicious variety of minis, this pack offers a taste of goodness and guilt-free treats waiting for you!

Flavours included*

  • Oat & Almond
  • Dates & Chia
  • Palm Jaggery & Honey
  • Belgian Dark Chocolate
  • Belgian Dark Chocolate Orange

Spreading Smiles

We love it when you share your happy moments with us. Tag #gourisgoodies to get featured here.

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