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Helping You Plant Trees, One Recipe At A Time: Gouri’s Goodies & the Worldview Impact Foundation

Helping You Plant Trees, One Recipe At A Time: Gouri’s Goodies & the Worldview Impact Foundation

Nov 28, 2023

I recently watched a documentary on Netflix: Kiss the Ground. A documentary based on what our dear Earth’s climate and soil structure faces on a daily basis: torture is the answer, if you didn’t know. However, it was not as blunt as I am about it. Narrated with passion by Woody Harrelson, this documentary talks about methods to heal soil; the all-giving, never-asking element on our planet.

For me, there is always something immensely satisfying about being able to grow your own food, your own vegetables, herbs, fruits, and so much more. To be able to live an entirely organic life. It has been a long-time dream of mine to be able to plant at-least 50, 000 trees in this world. So on my birthday this year, I decided to find a way to make it happen. If not directly, I will take the help of all my near and dear ones to make this happen.

I came across Bremley Lyngdoh, a calm, charismatic and determined gentleman who founded and successfully runs the Worldview Impact Foundation. Hailing from Meghalaya himself, the WIF has been actively engaging in creating food forests for villages far and wide, to help them sustain themselves. Because the first kind of development, is always the personal kind. So, if not financially, he was of the thought that at least they should be able to feed themselves. Beginning as a project to make nearby villages self-sustaining when it comes to food, he began to teach the farmers how to sell their produce too!

The foundation has helped local communities participate in and achieve an array of climate change mitigation as well as carbon sequestration in the form of reforestation as well as afforestation. They have successfully regrown the mangroves of Myanmar! This was the most exciting achievement I heard of from him.

In a way, soil is one of the most giving and protecting element on our planet. Imagine this, as a layman - if there are no tree belts, and there is a flash flood, what is there to stop the force and the eradication of villages, crops and human functions? Nothing. So imagine this now. A flash flood, crashing into a large forest belt. This is a much better scenario where the forests slow down the water flow, consume most of it, and there is barely any left to cause destruction. Such a great way of looking at things!

In a broader sense, if we look at it this way: no soil, no sustenance, no human existence. Soil degradation causes famine, it causes running water to destroy and erosion that spoils farming practices. Most countries and their processed foods largely depend on raw products from farms. Imagine a world where this isn’t possible. Do you think we will last on lab-created foods for long?

Our animal ecosystem will suffer. Like they say, every part of the food cycle is essential. Microorganisms are one of the most important supporters of soil health. Like we learned in school, it is the earthworms that shift soil, that give it the breathing it needs and offers nutrients in the form of raw excretions, bringing back nutrients from visiting other sections of the world. Like pollen, nutrients are transferred from various places to various deposits of soil. In other words, before I lose myself in the world of soil shifting, microorganisms are essential to soil health.

If I may go on a limb and say, archaeologists would not have jobs if it weren’t for soil. After all, soil does hold most of our history and preservations - mummies, skeletons, artefacts, so much more. I guide you towards movies like The Mummy, Indiana Jones, Tomb Raider, Valley of the Kings and many more that show the dramatics of how archaeology largely depends on excavations from soil. They are, after all, some of my favourite movies!

I, met Bremley, and had a lightning revelation. Why not sell my talent, to get trees planted? Everyone knows me as the lady that mixes ingredients to create a wonder. So I decided to work on some quirky recipes, some simple, some complicated, because we are not all master chefs (I certainly am not). Currently, Bremley is working towards rebuilding the forests of Meghalaya, in order to create better climatic conditions. He is planting rubber, pineapples, papaya, banana and mangoes!

In the more temperate zones, he is also intercropping chestnuts, plums and peaches! My mouth was watering just hearing about how the ecosystem is going to flourish!

We teamed up to make this happen together; my dream of having 50, 000 trees planted on the planet. For every recipe a person purchases from our website: - a tree will be planted. Imagine being a part of this? a part of something that is trying to save the world, even if it is just a tree at a time?

We have already achieved a humble number of 100 and counting since I began this initiative, and hope to see some great numbers. As they say, the best time to plant trees was 20 years ago, and the second-best time is now! So

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