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A Nutritious Cleansing Is Always A Fun Thing To Do!

A Nutritious Cleansing Is Always A Fun Thing To Do!

Nov 21, 2023

One festive season after another; we still need to watch our health, no?

This is where Gouri’s Goodies steps in. Why be afraid of healthy eating, when it could be the most fun thing you look forward to every day? Nutrition is our mantra, and honestly, delicious is our tool. With a host of products to satiate your snacking rituals on a daily basis, there is nothing more you need!  

Here’s a quick peek at our product line for a fun and festive snacking mood, today, tomorrow and every day!

Energy Bars

Sometimes what comes between a few meals is a good snack, and energy bars are the perfectly sized and nutritiously dense rescue for your snacking blues. An energy bar or two will keep your grumbling stomach at rest with the goodness of nutrients and vitamins. Our variants are as follows:

Oats & Almond Energy Bar

Decadence in every bite, the oats and almond energy bar is made largely with rolled oats, jumbo oats, cornflakes, almonds, raisins, flax seeds and further fortified with natural butter and sesame seeds. Goodness in every bite!

Palm Jaggery & Honey Energy Bar

The perfect snack during your high-intensity workouts, a fusion of Himalayan honey and goan jaggery make for the perfect balance of sweetness and nutrition; the good healthy your souls need. I personally tend to enjoy this bar with my evening cuppa!

Dates & Chia Energy Bar

Slow release; the kind of energy boost we really need these days. Stay full for longer, and fill your soul with the perfect healthy, our Dates & Chia Energy Bar. Before and after workouts, you know the snack you are running to. Full of dates, amaranth, rice krispies, watermelon seeds, sunflower seeds and further fortified with the goodness of sesame seeds and chia seeds; this is the king of antioxidants for you to own your day’s game!

Belgian Dark Chocolate Energy Bar

Why fret when you crave chocolate? Ours comes with a boatload of nutrition and the deliciousness of belgian chocolate too! A bed of oats, almonds and fortifying seeds with a luscious layer of belgian couverture chocolate makes for the perfect indulgence; morning, noon and night!

Belgian Milk Chocolate Energy Bar

Recounting your childhood days just got easier; the running away from nutrition but craving chocolate all the same. Here’s a hello to both in all their good glory; our Belgian Milk Chocolate Energy Bar. The perfect pick-me-up, the absolute childhood memory, and the goodest nutrition for your well-being on a busy day.

Belgian Dark Chocolate Orange Energy Bar

Citrusy, chocolatey, healthy and everything good; this bar is the perfect indulgence for a midnight snack or steal-between-meetings snack. Imagine this: tasty and good nutrition in the form of oats, almonds, sesame seeds, flax seeds with a zesty punch of orange rind, coated with a luscious belgian chocolate layer: DECADENCE IN EVERY BITE!

Energy Bites

Sometimes, a bite is all you need. And we have you covered for that too. A bite-sized version of all our Energy Bar variants is all you need to charge up mid-mornings or just before a workout!

Energy Balls

Laddoos are our favourite, as Indians! But how many laddoos can we really have before we get sick of sugary sweetness? This is why an energy ball is the perfect way to catch up your laddoo cravings while still maintaining excellent nutrition!

A sneak peek into our line of Energy Balls is all that’s needed for your lips to begin watering:

Plain Happy Ladoo

Hunger pangs hitting the belly? No worries at all. A delicious ball of dates, almonds, rice krispies, amaranth, raisins, sesame seeds, further fortified with the healthifying goodness of sunflower seeds, watermelon seeds, chia seeds and muskmelon seeds is all you need to get the antioxidant fill of the day!

Coconut Happy Ladoo

Ever had those coconut modaks during Ganesh Chaturthi? Or the coconut laddoos at poojas? Yes, the ones filled with sugar and festivities? Miss them? We do have you covered for that too. A decadent ball of joy filled with rice krispies, amaranth and power packed with seeds slammed with some coconut shreds and cold-pressed coconut oil; gotta keep you coconutty through your snacking blues!

Cinnamon Happy Ladoo

Superb, spice and everything nice; this is our Cinnamon Happy Ladoo, full of amaranth, almonds and seven super seeds, lightly dusted with smacks of cinnamon powder. A little extra kick for your super long days!

 Orange Happy Ladoo

Yumminess is your go-to snack; and we know just how to make it happen. A bundle of joy, these Orange Happy Ladoos, are your perfect snack; a good mix of rice krispies, amaranth, soft dates and a quick seedy punch and a zesty orange kick to make your day just that much more fun!

Black Pepper Ladoo

We know, we know. Sweet can get boring sometimes. We know this more than anyone. So, black pepper to the rescue! Amaranth, seven power seeds, almonds and dates, are further fortified with a zingy black pepper dust to give you a fun, yet nutritious snack!

So while you work through the days to the next set of holidays, don’t forget to get started on your best snacking regime: The Gouri Way!

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