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Thandai ladoo is made with the "thandai mix" , a special blend of quintessential natural spices - cardamom, fennel, poppy, almonds, cashew nut, watermelon seeds, Kashmir valley sourced saffron with the goodness of cooling organic dried rose petals has natural detoxifying properties. Naturally sweetened with energy boosting the dates, raisins (green & black) & honey. Combined with the goodness of nutrient dense almonds, handmade cashew nut butter, amaranth (rajgira) puff , Ragi puff & cold pressed coconut oil ; overall provides a gluten-free, good source of protein & is rich in dietary fibre as it helps improves digestion and enhances dull mood promoting a better health

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Dates, Green raisins, Black raisins, Almonds, Thandai Mix ( Almonds, Cashew nut, Watermelon seeds, Poppy seeds, Fennel seeds, Cardamom powder, Black pepper powder, Saffron strands ), Cashew nut butter, Cornflakes, Amaranth (Rajgira) puff, Watermelon Seeds, Ragi puff, Rice crispy, Poppy Seeds, Cold pressed Coconut oil, Dried rose petals, Black pepper powder, Cardamom powder, honey.

Thandai Ladoo (10g)Energy 41.76 kcal
Protein0.96 g
Total Fat1.51 g
Carbohydrates6.08 g
Total Dietary Fibre0.67 g

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