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Gulkand mini
gulkand mini chocolate
Gulkand mini
Gulkand Minis Chocolate
chocolate gulkand minis
Gulkand mini


The ultimate combination of TBOF natural Gulkand made with Misri (Dhage Wali), raw honey using "Chaitri gulab" sourced from Haldi Ghati in Rajasthan and energy boosting whole grains like amaranth puff, puffed quinoa, almonds,jowar flour and naturally sweetened with dates makes it a balanced nutrient dense healthy snack.

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Dates, Quinoa puff, Rice crispy, Amaranth (Rajgira) puff, Natural gulkand (TBOF Brand- optional info. ingredients- Chaitri Rose Petals, Gulab Ark, Fennel Powder, Cardamom Powder, Misri and Raw Honey.), Almonds, Jowar flour, Poppy seeds, Dried rose petals, Cardamom powder, Rosemary powder.

Per 7gm MiniEnergy 24.71 Kcal
Dietary Fibre0.07g
Total Fats0.04g

The ultimate combination of mood refreshing gulkand, dried rose petals,whole grains and dates help curb the cravings. Seasoned with quintessential Indian spices - Poppy seed, Cardamon, Rosemary, Fennel seeds provides a good source of antioxidants overall provides a good protein source & is fibre rich.

Instructions: You can eat it the way it is as a snack, best accompanied with tea, coffee and drinks. / Chop it & add it to your daily bowl of milk or curd / Make smoothie with it./ Sprinkle it over the fruits, desserts, ice-cream.


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