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dark choco rose bar
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dark choco rose bar
dark choco rose bar

Dark Choco Rose Bar (70% Dark Chocolate)

Discover Dark Choco Rose Bar – a sweet tale of goodness! Packed with dates, almonds, and 70% dark chocolate magic, it's a mix of taste and health. The chocolate's theobromine and catechins regulate blood pressure and boost your immune system. Fiber from dates, almonds, and rice crispy keeps your gut happy. Plus, it's trans-fat-free, cholesterol-free, and a friend to your metabolism. And the bonus? Rose petals bring minerals, vitamins, and a soothing touch that calms the throat, relieving soreness.

Allergen: Contains sesame seeds & almonds

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Rajgeera, Rice Crispy, Khanizi Dates, Quinoa, Gulkand, Jawar Flour, Poppy seeds, Rose petals, Cardamom , Almonds , Rosemerry powder, 70% Dark Chocolate

Per 35g:Energy 138 kcal
Carbohydrates21.54 g
Total Dietary Fibre2.05 g
Protein2.41 g
Fat4.66 g


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