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evening breakfast cereal packs
evening breakfast cereal packs


This Pack includes Quinoa Cranberry Crunch- 100gms, Hearty Haldi Mix and Almond Mix- 100gms, Ragi Chocolate Mix- 100gms and Blueberry & Cinnamon Cereal- 100gms.

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This Immunity boosting Mix is a decadent fusion of spices and nutritious goodness - for you today and every day. Packed with organic turmeric, fortified with the nourishment of almonds, cinnamon, nutmeg, cranberries and many more nutritive sources like seeds & natural sugars; a perfectly handcrafted mix enriched with immunity-boosters for a daily diet.

Ingredients:Turmeric powder, Cinnamon powder, Nutmeg powder, Vanilla essence, Coconut oil & Powder, Honey, Pumpkin seeds, Sunflower seeds, Almond, Dried dates, Ragi flakes, Ginger candy.
Nutritional Information Per 100g: Energy 565.25 kcal | Protein 15.16 g | Carbohydrates 38.97 g | Sugar 24.84 g | Total Dietary Fibre 8.73 g | Calcium 215.29 mg | Fat 38.68 g | Iron 10.329 mg

This fortifying cereal offers a power-punch of superfoods like oats, cranberries, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds as well as natural sweeteners like raw cane sugar, lime, orange marmalade made with fresh rind, and almonds, amaranth, vanilla and some fresh rosemary powder. An excellent taste, and a nutrition-pumping cereal to enjoy with milk, a glass of juice or just as an afternoon mid-meal takeaway!

Ingredients: Instant Oats, Organic Raw Cane Sugar, Lime, Orange Marmalade, Butter, Almond, Corn Flakes Jumbo Oats, Green Raisins, Cranberries, Pumpkin Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Puffed Amaranth, Puffed Quinoa, Rice Crispy, Vanilla Essence and Rosemary Powder

Nutritional Information Per 100g: Energy 501.45 kcal | Protein 5.37 g | Carbohydrates 61.38 g | Sugar 4.35 g | Total Dietary Fibre 8.53 g | Calcium 127.39 mg | Fat 26.05 g | Iron 2.1 mg | Fibre 8.53 g

The king of all desserts is now our newest mix. A power punch of ragi, dates, coconut oil, seed mixes, truly rich cocoa nibs and cocoa powder, further fortified with amaranth, vanilla and jaggery, this is your morning smile-maker in a nutshell!

Ingredients: Ragi puff, palm jaggery, dark chocolate (70%), dry dates powder, puffed amaranth, rice crispy, cornflakes, dairy fat (butter), White sesame seed butter, cocoa powder, coconut oil, cacao nibs, vanilla essence, salt.

Nutritional Information Per 100g: Carbohydrates 62.63 g | Proteins 7.86 g | Fats 17.9 g | Fiber 7.11 g


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