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The Timeline

How we became a trusted name in healthy snacking

How it all began…

In 2014, Gouri set out on a mission. She wanted her family to eat healthier and enjoy tasty treats without feeling guilty. Armed with pots, pans, and a whole lot of goodness, she started whipping up magic in her kitchen. Gouri's kitchen became a place where she transformed everyday nutritious ingredients into delicious, guilt-free bars, laddoos and bites.

People couldn't resist the scrumptious delights Gouri created. Friends and family encouraged her to share her guilt-free creations with the world. And so, the enchanting journey of Gouri's Goodies began.

As Gouri's goodies grew more popular, she decided to share the magic with even more people. She ventured into marketplaces, and her guilt-free snacks quickly became a hit.

In 2021, Gouri and her team made a magical decision to reduce waste and bring their guilt-free goodies to a wider audience. And so they started selling online, making it even easier for people to enjoy wholesome, guilt-free snacks.

The Goodness Philosophy!

At Gouri's Goodies, our philosophy is simple, to make healthy eating delicious. We believe in creating snacks that are not only delicious but also good for your health. Our commitment to goodness begins with using natural ingredients straight from Mother Nature's pantry. We take pride in crafting guilt-free snacks that let you enjoy the taste without the worry. What's more, we've nurtured a magical farm in Asu, where we grow the very ingredients that make our snacks so special. By sourcing locally, we not only ensure freshness but also support the wonderful communities in our neighborhood. It's our way of spreading the goodness far and wide, one delicious bite at a time.


Meet The Team

  • Gouri
  • Uday Powar
    Operations Head
  • Nikita Mohite
    Account & Customer Relations Executive
  • Rupali Ranpise
    Senior Supervisior - Production
  • Sandesh More
    Operation Executive
  • Mayur Gamre
    Production Associate
  • Rohit Gaikwad
    Production Associate
  • Nitesh More
    Operation Associate
  • Rutuja Nimbre
    Production Associate
  • Shankar Gade
  • Hetal Dhodia
    Graphic Designer
  • Mansi Bangar
    Marketing Executive
  • Shirin Singhla
    Marketing Lead
  • Shraddha Kamble
    Program Manager
  • Jay Darji
    Head of learning & development
  • Manish Dhadve
    Digital Marketing Executive